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A Message from #HRU Scholarship Recipient!
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DC 2 Wakanda Recap 1920X1080
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#HoodRock University is what we have coined the hub of curated community service events we either create or support. The question we ask ourselves and our fans is, "What are you doin' to make your #HoodRock?!"  

Visit this page often. We do cool stuff and hang with cool people who are committed to making our hoods, our country, and our world better than we found it. And we will post all of it here!

Black Alley's flagship community effort is our semi-annual "#HoodRock University Scholarship" -  where twice a year, we provide a $500 scholarship to a deserving student who is making their hood and/or campus rock!  The link to our application is here:

#HoodRock University Scholarship




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